Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction services include any of the following: scheduling, initial budgeting, value engineering, and/or on-site services.

Kelly Construction will establish and maintain the schedule for the preconstruction services. All involved parties, including the architect, interior designers, testing services, subcontractors, Owner and Kelly Construction will provide the information necessary to develop the milestones and durations for the preconstruction schedule.

Budgeting and Value Engineering
Kelly Construction will provide budgeting services during the Schematic and Design Development phases of the design process. Our Value Engineering will help the design team achieve the desired design at the lowest cost by offering alternate materials or systems during the design process.

On Site Services
Kelly Construction will provide the necessary work on site to help the design team make decisions regarding existing conditions. Selective Demolition Work, as directed by the design team, may be required to verify existing conditions or dimensions. This Work may include any temporary systems/ protection as required, and any repairs to the same areas.