Concentra Medical Centers

concentraThis letter is to inform you that Kelly Construction and Design, Ltd. Recently completed another interior build-out for Concentra Medical Centers. This was the most recent in a long line of previous projects for our company.

Mr. Dick Baumann supervised the work in a most satisfactory fashion, attending to details in a prompt and skillful manner. Our meetings were appropriate and productive. His attendance at each meeting was timely and professional. The project experienced some rather difficult issues during the permit/zoning process, but Kelly Construction was able to assist and worked diligently to get this project started.

We are very pleased with our new center. I would recommend Kelly Construction and Design, Ltd. based on their professionalism, patience and understanding. They are truly a credit to themselves and to the community which they serve. If you have any questions about the quality of their work or the quality of their working relationship with Kelly Construction, please give me a call at 248-712-2170.

Paul Lanzi
Director of Real Estate
Concentra Health Services, Inc