If ever there was a group of people who genuinely like working with each other, it’s KCD. What knits this group together is an intense, whatever-it-takes work ethic and the mutual respect that comes with it; an absolute obsession for solving tough problems; a genuine desire to help both clients and each other; and, always, a lot of laughter over a beer.



KCD’s approach to giving back is simple: Do what you’re passionate about. No more and no less. Here are a couple examples.
At the request of an old classmate, Mike became a founding member of Partnership to Educate and Advance Kids (PEAK), a scholarship and mentoring program for at-risk kids at Holy Trinity high school in Chicago. As the father of two, and one of five siblings, this was right up Mike’s alley.

For 10 years, he has helped raise money for the full-tuition scholarships provided to every student in the program. He’s also given his time to the award-winning 1:1 mentoring program, personally advising students through their 4-years of high school.

Helping veterans became another passion for Mike, as his son neared graduation from West Point Academy. He continues to support fundraising efforts for wounded veterans.
Mike has been advising students through the PEAK program at Holy Trinity high school for 10 years and counting.

“I see how hungry these kids are for role models, and how they respond to opportunity. It is totally worth the effort to help them succeed.”

When her daughters’ high school was dealing with declining enrollment, Holly teamed up with other parents and business people to form a non-profit foundation. Northlake Education Foundation supports the school in myriad ways, from scholarships to building improvements to professional workshops for students that were soon added to the curriculum.

More recently, Holly was able to merge her love of the construction business with her desire to help kids through Kids Building Wisconsin – Waukesha Expo. The event, held at Milwaukee Tool, invited more than 1,000 middle school kids to try their hands at things like mock demolition, assembling an air duct and building an Adirondack chair. Exciting stuff for fifth through eighth graders and gratifying for pros like Holly.

Another organization very dear to Holly’s heart is Center for Veterans Issues. After seeing what her brother went through after returning from the Army, she believes all veterans need a supportive place to heal and thrive
Mentorship is part of who we are at Kelly Construction and Design.
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